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Nechville Atlas DLX 5-string Banjo

Fantastic condition Nechville Atlas DLX. This is a 5-string banjo.
This particular banjo has an after market pick-up that doesn't 
usually come with these instruments. There is a pretty good knick 
on the neck (see photos). However with that being said this Atlas 
is absolutely stunning to look at and play. Includes amazing hardshell case.

Echoing of the Ashborn Banjos of the 1860’s that feature block-style construction and a built-in wooden flange, this Nechville-Sagmoen collaboration is sure to get the attention of the entire banjo community. The Atlas is the first example of Nechvilles use of his patented Flux Capacitor in a “Flex-Tone” hybrid production banjo. It combines the old standard hook and nut style pot with an adjustable Nechville neck for portability and rapid set up for any style of playing.Imagine wrapping one hand around the comfortable, sleek radiused neck, and strumming your first chord with the other – instantly realizing what the fuss is all about. “Big” sound is not enough to describe what emanates from the Atlas, and fullness is an understatement.

The depth, resonance, and sustain will transport you to new musical heights through the musical tool that is the Atlas. Nechville has carefully selected, cut and crafted aged walnut blocks into an artful and tonally superior banjo body. The resulting 12″ body is capped with exotic hard tone wood, imparting a dark and warming timbre to this banjo’s sound. We have chosen a Renaissance head for an organic, mellow, responsive tone.

Completing this unique banjo is a lovely removable dowel stick that you can use for holding a pickup or tone altering inserts.

As if the easy, comfortable playability of the neck and the rich, resonant tone were not enough, you will find yourself experiencing a level of comfort you didn’t know was possible. The comfort beveled wooden armrest on the Atlas gives you many more hours of tireless playing. You’ll love our exclusive thumb scoop, giving access to that sweet spot without loss of fretting playability. Our Nechville tailpiece, neck and body system are so solid that you’ll have no trouble keeping your new Atlas in tune.

Nechville uses the finest components and issues a full lifetime warrantee with every banjo creation. Nechville’s incredible patented adjustable neck leaves all other open back banjos behind. You can take your banjo anywhere by simply disengaging the neck and carrying both parts in a carry along bag or suitcase. It only takes a moment to pop the neck and tailpiece back on when you’re ready to unpack and play; and you have the further benefit of choosing the optimum playing action for your own style.

DLX Atlas Features:

  • Walnut Neck with 11″ or 12″ Walnut Pot
  • Ebony Radiused Fingerboard with Saturn and Stars Inlay
  • Slightly Wider, Comfortable Neck Profile
  • Thumb Scoop
  • Removable Dowel Stick
  • Renaissance Head
  • Exotic Wood Cap Tone Ring
  • Planetary Style Tuning Pegs
  • Nechville Tailpiece
  • Heavy Duty Hard Shell Case

STD Atlas Features:

  • Walnut Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard with Saturn and Stars Inlay
  • Thumb Scoop
  • Removable Dowel Stick
  • Renaissance Head
  • Exotic Wood Cap Tone Ring
  • Nechville Tailpiece